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"I have a large and ever growing collection of vintage effects.  When I'm looking for something hard to find, BVP is one of the first places I go!"

Josh Scott - owner JHS Pedals
Michael Pope - Bethel Music

"I love that BVP has made finding vintage gear easier.  I love old pedals but have always hated the process of tracking them down and making sure they work.  BVP eliminates the guess work and lets me focus on more important playing."

"Brady and Casey are not about just stocking up on wonderfully old pedals.  They are passionate about helping people…and they really do care for their clients, friends and the opportunity they have in the business world.  I am blessed to be a part of the BVP family."

Travis Motley - owner Motley Customs

"BVP is a God-send.  They have the pedals you can't find anymore.  No more hours spent looking for a vintage pedal I need for the road or the studio."

Amante Lacey - singer/songwriter

"BVP...the most handsome thing to come to vintage pedals."

Jared Fox - owner Fox Den Studios
Paper Route - band

"Thank you for being so instrumental in helping to make our sounds for this new album!"

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