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Process & Payment

Q. How does the subscription service work?

A.  Renting our pedals is easy!  Simply sign up for the Basic (1 pedal/month), Premium (2 pedals/month) or Studio (5 pedals/month) service. 


After we receive notification of a valid subscription payment, we will email you to confirm the subscription and inquire which pedal(s) you would like to rent and then ship the pedal(s) to you.  After you receive the pedal(s), rock out for as long as you would like. 


After you are finished rocking out on the pedal(s), simply send them back via the courier of your choice.  This process can be repeated for as long as you would like and can be simply cancelled at any time.


Q. Is the rental service available world-wide?

A.  No, currently the rental service is only available in the USA.


Q. Renting seems too simple.  Are there any hidden fees or late fees?

A.  There are no hidden fees or late fees because you can keep the pedal(s) as long as you like as long as you keep a current subscription active.  If you never send the pedal(s) back, you will be responsible to pay the PayPal invoice for the purchase price of the pedal(s).  If you cancel your monthly subscription and have not sent the pedal(s) back within 7 days after the subscription has expired, you will own the pedal(s) and will be responsible for the PayPal invoice for the purchase price of the pedal(s).  If you have any questions or complications, please email us and we will work with you.


Q. Is shipping refundable?

A.  No, shipping charges are not refundable.  BVP pays for the shipping to you and you pay for the return shipping.


Q. What happens if accidently damage the pedal(s)?

A.  We understand that accidents can happen.  We are not in the business of taking advantage of people so please be honest with us if something happens to the pedal(s).  If the pedal(s) get damaged, you will be responsible to pay the PayPal invoice in full and the pedal(s) become yours.  Please review our rental agreement for all the technical details.


Q. I sent the pedals back, but PayPal still charged me another monthly rental fee - why?

A.  You are responsible to cancel your monthly subscription with PayPal.  If you do not cancel your subscription, PayPal will continue to charge your account.  Please be cognizant of your monthly renewal date as we do not refund monthly subscription fees unless you purchase the pedal.


Purchasing a Rented Pedal


Q. What if I rent a pedal for a month and then want to keep it?

A.  If you have a valid subscription and decide you would like to keep the pedal(s), simply email us to let us know and we will apply your original subscription payment toward the total price of the pedal.  This essentially makes our rental program a "try-and-buy" program!


Q. If I rent a pedal for more than 1 month, do I get more than the subscription fee applied to the pedal price?

A.  No, our rental service is not intended to be a payment plan.  If you want to do a payment plan, PayPal has a "Bill Me Later" option that you can select when completing the checkout process.


Q. Is there anything tricky with purchasing a rented pedal?

A.  No, there are no hidden fees anywhere at BVP.

BVP Gold Club!

As a “Thank You” to repeating BVP Club customers, every 6th pedal rental - or 6th rental month - is FREE!  That's up to 2 free pedal rentals/year!  Welcome to the BVP Gold Club!

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