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For a small monthly fee, you can rent ANY pedal in our store!  Our rental service operates similar to your favorite DVD rental service.  As long as you keep a current monthly PayPal subscription active, you can rent ANY pedal, at ANY time for as long as you want. 


  1. Subscribe to either the "Basic", "Premium" or "Studio" subscription plan

  2. Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email; simply respond back with the pedal(s) you would like to rent

  3. Rock out on the pedal(s) for as long as you would like and repeat for as long as you want - no contracts / no late fees / no hassles


5 pedals

$69.99 30 Day Trial

then $99.99/ month

$14.99 30 Day Trial

then $29.99 / month

1 pedal

2 pedals

Secure transaction via PayPal

1 pedal/month shipped USPS Priority

2 pedals/month shipped USPS Priority

Only available in the USA


$29.99 30 Day Trial

5 pedals/month shipped USPS Priority

then $44.99 / month

Cancel anytime/hassle free

BVP Gold Club (Every 6th rental is FREE!)

As a “Thank You” to repeating BVP Club customers, every 6th pedal rental - or 6th rental month - is FREE!  That's up to 2 free pedal rentals/year!  Welcome to the BVP Gold Club!





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