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Casey (L) & Brady (R)

​Brady & Casey Toops​

exclusive vintage guitar pedals in the world.  Our goal is to provide a place where you can easily  and safely purchase gear without having to worry about online auctions or arranging deals with strangers via online listing sites.  We offer a hassle free, customer-friendly environment where you can securely and confidently purchase your favorite vintage guitar pedals.  We spend the time researching, buying, dating, documenting, and testing our entire inventory so that you can buy with confidence.  If you don’t see the pedal you are looking for, please feel free to reach out to us via our CONTACT page. We look forward to serving you for all your vintage pedal needs and, ultimately, helping you create your unique sound.

uy Vintage Pedals  was founded by two brothers, Brady and Casey, who have a passion for music.  One is an independent singer/songwriter and the other is a self-proclaimed "gearhead" with a unique ability to find and dial in the most killer tone.​  Both  Brady and Casey  live in  Nashville, TN.  Buy Vintage Pedals  carries  the most


Brady Toops:
Brady is an independent singer/songwriter who defines his sound as a combination of folk and soul. One of his current life goals is to see how long he can succeed without having to get a "real job". From college to professional baseball to singer/songwriter and now, Buy Vintage Pedals, his streak is still alive. After Brady finished playing Minor League Baseball for the St. Louis Cardinals, he packed his car, guitar in hand, and started his life as a musician. Now, years later with a tireless pursuit of his craft and too many shows to count, there are very few states he hasn't personally traversed. From vintage guitars to vintage pedals, Brady loves the uniqueness associated with combining new and old.  A true entrepreneur at heart, Brady brings real life experience to Buy Vintage Pedals, working every day in the music “biz”. If interested you can check out more info, music, and videos of him at Also find Brady on iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

Casey Toops:
Casey works a “9 to 5” job in Information Technology and was first introduced to the electric guitar by a co-worker.  Upon that introduction he dove headlong into the world of electric sounds.  In the process of buying and testing several guitar pedals in his spare time, he soon became infatuated with pedals, pedalboards, signal chain order, and everything else associated with the electric guitar.  In the midst of this pursuit, Casey purchased his first vintage pedal, a grey (v1) DOD 250 preamp/overdrive.  “After I heard that DOD 250, I was hooked on vintage pedals!”  Soon after, Casey was scouring the internet and researching all about the most sought after vintage effects.  It wasn’t until 2013 - after hundreds of hours of research logged and several vintage pedal purchases later - that Casey discussed the idea with his brother, Brady, to create a place where musicians, gearheads, collectors, and vintage pedal lovers could come to a single website and purchase the gear they were after.  With that Buy Vintage Pedals was born. Find Casey on Instagram.

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