1982 Boss DM-2 Delay MN3205

1982 Boss DM-2 Delay MN3205

A vintage Boss DM-2 Delay guitar pedal.
  • Details

    BVP ID: 79

    Notes: MN3205 chip & MN3102 clock driver
    Trimpots are factory sealed!
    Label missing

    BVP and JHS Pedals have teamed up to offer a 10% discount on the Boss DM-2 low pass toggle mod from JHS. If you would like to have your BVP Boss DM-2 modded by JHS after purchase, please have your proof of purchase and contact the JHS mod shop at mods@jhspedals.com.

    More info about the DM-2 low pass toggle mod can be found here:

    More details can be found on the FAQ page
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