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1978 ROSS Stereo Delay RETICON SAD1024

1978 ROSS Stereo Delay RETICON SAD1024

A vintage ROSS Stereo Delay guitar pedal.
  • Details

    BVP ID: 44

    Notes: RETICON SAD1024 chips! "The Ross Stereo Delay is known for its warm analog delay tones. There are two output channels for stereo effect (via "local" and "remote" output)."

    "True analog delay achieved with three of the famous and coveted Reticon SAD1024 Bucket Brigade ICs. Those ICs alone can cost $75-$100 each if you can find them (most are re-manufactured and considered to be counterfeit). The sound you get when using two amps is incredible. The controls switch on and off the remote amp (with delay) and/or switch the local signal between dry and delay."

    "It is so cool to be jamming along with just a slight delay then kick the remote channel on set for lead, wow, mind expanding tonal bliss. Long delays sound wicked too. There are tons of ways to use this device with your dual amp rig. Nothing works as good as stereo for a live situation. Endless creative possibilities."

    "The stereo setup on the Ross is incredible! You have to check it out!" -BVP
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